Protect your eyes, and be stylish with our large selection of top name brand sunglasses. We carry glasses with 100 percent UV protection, anti-glare, scratch-resistant coating, and more options.

Costa Sunglasses


Catering to anglers, beachcombers and voyagers, Costa has sunglasses for everyone. Costa has a wide variety of lens and frame options that make its sunglasses fit for any lifestyle. Costa sunglasses are shock- and scratch-resistant. They are made to feel light on your face so that no matter what you’re doing, you’ll hardly notice they’re there. Costa offers polarized and non-polarized lenses so that you can pick the exact pair that is right for you.
Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim

Maui Jim got its start in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Seeing a need in the market for technology that could combat intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colors of the island to life, we engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lens. Incorporated into seven new sunglass styles, our Classic Collection was introduced. We now offer over 125 styles of sunglasses, 100% of which are polarized and protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
Ray Ban Sunglasses


When it comes to sunglasses, Ray-Ban continues to be one of the most classic and iconic brands, yet it is always evolving and cutting edge. Always a leader in the latest trends, Ray-Ban sells sunglasses that will fit everyone’s personal style. Even with an emphasis on fashion, Ray-Ban hasn’t forgotten the importance of practicality. Do you need prescription sunglasses? Or maybe your prefer polarized lenses. Regardless, with top-quality and customizable shades, Ray-Ban has options for you.
Tory Burch Sunglasses

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is for the woman with classic yet fashion-forward style. From vintage to modern and retro to tomboy, fashionable women will find their style with Tory Burch. Their sunglasses have 100 percent UV protection and include classic Tory Burch elements like the double-T logo. They come with the unmistakably Tory-orange protective sunglasses case. Inspired by art, photography, film, and travel, you’ll feel runway-ready in Tory Burch sunglasses.
Versace Sunglasses


For modern men and bold women, Versace, a symbol of Italian luxury, carries high-fashion sunglasses. For women, Versace makes both timeless styles and innovative models with striking colors and modern frames. Men can choose from looks that are sleek, assertive, classic or unique. A staple in the fashion world, Versace is for trendsetters. Inspired by Hollywood glamour and rock ‘n’ roll, anyone can make a statement in Versace sunglasses.
Coach Sunglasses


If you like the truly timeless, classic, and sophisticated look, Coach sunglasses are for you. With options for both men and women, every Coach look is stylish and refined. Coach sunglasses have an all-American look, and their striking nature is found in their subtlety. With lenses cut to minimize visual distortion and scratch- and shatter-resistant frames that feature geometric shapes, Coach sunglasses are both fashionable and practical.
Cazal Sunglasses


“Trends come and go, but style never goes out of fashion.” This is a mantra of Cazal’s. Specializing only in eyewear, Cazal aims to create sunglasses that satisfy trends that won’t go out of style. With a decidedly fierce look, Cazal sunglasses are sure to turn heads. A surprising mixture of modern trends and timeless fashion, its sunglasses are couture for both men and women. Cazal guarantees high quality with its first-class materials.
Caviar Sunglasses


Caviar says it is synonymous with “trimmed architectural framing.” With a uniquely fluid look, Caviar sunglasses are perfect for lovers of glitz and glam. A celebration of the arts, its sunglasses are incredibly and meticulously detailed. Caviar frames are known for their exquisite temples. If you love an incomparable artistic look that reflects old Hollywood glamour, Caviar sunglasses are for you.

Many people are cheered by a bright, sunny day, but the effect of all that sunlight on the eyes is a less sunny proposition. UV radiation and glare can create a variety of issues, from dangerous "snowblindness" to disorders that threaten your eyesight. Here are some frequently asked questions about the role of sunglasses in protecting the eyes from harm. If you want to know more about choosing the right sunglasses, call one of our board-certified opticians today.

What are UV rays?

UV stands for ultraviolet, a band of spectrum invisible to the eye. Ultraviolet light consists of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. UVC rays are stopped in Earth's atmosphere before they reach the eye, but UVA and UVB can both reach the eye and potentially damage it.

How does UV radiation affect unprotected eyes?

UV rays may cause proteins inside the lens to become opaque or cloudy, a condition known as cataracts. Cataracts can interfere with night vision, reduce your ability to see colors, and make reading difficult; they cannot be reversed, only removed. UV exposure can also cause retinal damage, changes in the eye tissues, and other ocular problems.

How do I know my glasses will protect my eyes?

Choose glasses that claim to block at least 99 percent of UV rays -- UVA as well as UVB. Look for a label reading "UV 400" since this designation means that the glasses block UV rays as small as 400 nanometers, providing strong eye protection. Of course you need to protect your eyes from the glare caused by the visible spectrum as well. To accomplish this, select products that block 75 to 90 percent of visible light.

What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are specially designed to filter out certain types of glare that tend to radiate upward from horizontal surfaces when sunlight bounces off of these surfaces. They are recommended for tasks such as boating, fishing, skiing, golfing, jogging, and driving. Most polarized lenses will bear a label identifying them as such.

What types of glasses can I choose from?

We are able to provide you with a wide range of sunglass options. If you normally wear glasses to correct your eyesight, you may be happy with a non-prescription pair of clip-ons or wraparound glasses that simply fit over your lenses. If you'd rather not wear that much equipment on your head all at once, you can order a pair of prescription "shades," or you can order glasses that darken when exposed to bright light.

What additional types of protection should I consider?

If you worry about light, including harmful UV, leaking in through sides or top of your sunglasses, wear a broad-brimmed hat to reduce some of this exposure. If you use prescription eyewear to correct your eyesight, you may want to consider discussing a contact lens fitting with one of our ophthalmologists.  Most contact lenses provide some UV protection as well. These lenses may be worn alongside a non-prescription pair of sunglasses for optimum eye protection.

For more information on choosing the right sunglasses, contact our office today.