Lens Coating atĀ Medical Arts Eye Clinic & Optical

Your eyeglasses serve to correct your vision, but we can treat your lenses to protect your eyes in many different ways. At Medical Arts Eye Clinic & Optical, we offer multiple types of lens coatings that can fit in with your lifestyle.

Anti-Fog Lenses

If you live in a northern climate, you've had your eyeglasses fog up when you came in from the cold. An anti-fog coating can prevent this from happening. These special lens coatings prevent condensation from forming on the surface of the lens. This is a new technology and isn't available for every type of lens, but the availability is growing. It can be the ideal choice for

  • People who play sports
  • Those who work in restaurants and walk in and out of coolers all day
  • Children who may avoid eyeglasses when they fog frequently

Scratch Resistant Lenses

Whether you have glass or composite lenses, no eyeglasses are completely safe from scratches on their own. Scratch-resistant lenses have a clear coating on the front and back that help to prevent scratches from etching your lenses. Even these coatings are not perfect, but they can greatly improve the state of most lenses, especially in children and people who work around abrasive materials. If you frequently drop your glasses on the floor, or even have a habit of cleaning the lenses with paper towels or other available materials, a scratch-resistant coating can save your lenses from scratching and clouding.

Anti-Reflective lenses

If you suffer from undue amounts of glare when using your eyeglasses, an anti-reflective coating can be exactly what you need. This thin, clear layer prevents light from reflecting off your lenses. This is especially useful for

  • Office workers
  • Those who frequently drive at night
  • People who read or work under bright lights

Ultraviolet Treatment in Auburn

Just as your physician is concerned about ultraviolet exposure to your skin, our doctors are concerned about ultraviolet exposure to your eyes. You can put on sunscreen to protect your skin, but to keep your eyes safe, you need a special coating on your eyeglasses. We can give your lenses an ultraviolet treatment that will block many of the harmful UV rays that can damage your eyesight. These coatings aren't the same as traditional UV protecting sunglasses; this coating is clear and leaves your field of vision unchanged. Ultraviolet lens treatment is an important addition to eyeglasses for a surprising amount of people, including

  • Construction workers
  • Children
  • Athletes
  • Residents of sunny areas such as Florida or California
  • Police officers

Anyone who spends a large percentage of their day outdoors can benefit from having an ultraviolet treatment done to their eyeglasses.

The science of lens coating is always growing and progressing, and there are breakthroughs happening all the time. If you have any questions about lens coating, ourĀ Auburn ophthalmologist, Dr. Anz, will be happy to discuss them with you. Call Medical Arts Eye Clinic & Optical at 334-821-3838. Our helpful staff will be happy to make you an appointment to see one of our doctors at a time that fits in with your busy schedule.