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Costa del Mar is one of the most widely-recognized names in the eyewear industry. Their glasses are built with an emphasis on durability while keeping style in mind. Costa glasses are made for adventure-seekers. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or just relaxing on a beach, Costa sunglasses are sure to hold up, and they are even backed by a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and accidental damage. However, Costa del Mar is focused not only on producing the best glasses possible, but on giving back.

Costa’s project "Protect Guyana" aims to "protect the world's waters by promoting sport fishing." Guyana is located in South America and provides for 15% of the world’s fresh water needs. A village called Rewa became an oasis by eliminating the poaching and deforestation practices that were happening all over the Amazon Rainforest. In particular, they had careful protections put in place for the arapaima fish.

This fish was every fisherman’s dream catch. With its monster size and fickle habits, it faced extreme hunting efforts. However, by putting these regulations in place to protect this fish and other wildlife, the people of Guyana began to suffer. As their ecosystem began to grow once more, their economy fell apart. Costa, a company that combines a love for fishing with a love for conservation, saw this as an opportunity.

After a long legal struggle, Costa was able to create an agreement with the people of Rewa that allowed them to pursue the arapaima. Teaming up together, the group from Costa was able to demonstrate the most effective ways to cast a fishing line, and the people of Rewa in return provided necessary information about the arapaima’s living and eating habits.

Together, they realized that this fish could be caught in a sustainable fashion to help the economy of the area, while preserving the balance of the water ecosystem. Once word spread that this massive fish could in fact be caught, fishermen from around the world wanted their chance to battle against this prehistoric beast.

By navigating laws to preserve the ecosystem while legalizing the pursuit of the arapaima fish, Costa helped this area of Guyana re-establish their tourism industry, which is now flourishing. Since Costa began this partnership, Costa has been able to help Guyana maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem while using its plentiful resources.

Through these efforts, Costa has once again proven that they are a company with a focus beyond profit. Costa genuinely cares and invests in the well being of this earth, making them an easy company to support. If their glasses are trusted when catching the arapaima, they’ll surely pass any test you can give them.