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10 Designer Eyeglass Frames You'll Want to See

Designer eyeglass frames come in a ton of styles and colors. What's a good style for your face shape? Bright red? Tortoise shell? Keep reading!

In the last 10 years, eye glasses have soared in popularity. In fact, they've become such a common accessory that manufacturers have even started to produce glasses for people with perfect vision.

Gone are the days of sheepishly wearing your glasses in public. Now, there are millions of different styles and brands to match your personality.

Whether you want an inconspicuous wire frame or the latest designer-inspired style, your choices are endless.

These 10 designer eyeglass frames show us that glasses are more than just a tool to help us see. They are also a stylish accessory to your life. 

Which one would you buy?


These glasses were made popular by famous shows and celebrities such as Zoey Deschanel on New Girl. Their iconic style is easily recognizable and well-branded. 

Ray-Ban glasses work great for most face shapes. With thick borders, they complement both the round and narrow faces. 

However, before you run off and grab yourself a pair, it's important to note that these classic frames tend to dominate the face. 

So if you want a pair of designer eyeglass frames that make a statement, these just might be the pair for you. 

Tortoise Shell Frames

This is a style many different designers have incorporated into their frames. The pattern is sure to be seen in a lot of fall fashion this season.

The style comes in many different colors and shades so there will always be one that works for both your skin and hair tone. 

Want to get this look? Michael Kors currently has a pair of tortoise shell glasses with gold accents that look classy and elegant.

Clear Frames

Clear frames are one of the most popular styles in 2017 and are sure to continue in popularity in 2018. The frames add a sleek professional look that is hard to find elsewhere. 

It's important to note, that many designers and researchers suggest that these frames, in a square style, pair best with oval, heart, and round shaped faces. 

Cat Eye Glasses

This is another style that is found in many different collections. Cat eye glasses are best for the confident woman. 

Their contour shape is fun and flirty. Many of these glasses are also paired with bright colors, such as pink and red. 

With these glasses, you won't need dramatic makeup. Instead, let the designer eyeglass frames do the work for you. 

If you are looking for a charming and flirty look, get a pair of these glasses

Oversized Frames

Opposite to the cat-eye glasses, oversized frames add a little bit of innocence to your look. 

We as humans naturally think of those with bigger eyes as young.  

These glasses are especially useful for those with soft personalities and round faces. 

Go for Gold

The next popular style is gold frames. This metallic look is not just sophisticated. It's also a lot more durable than some of its plastic competitors.

The best thing about getting golden frames is that you know they won't ever go out of style. Gold has always been a popular metal and it will continue to be popular metal for many more years to come.

While most gold frames aren't made with actual gold, they still convey the same sense of class and elegance that gold has displayed for years. 

This is a great option for those that are looking for professional yet stylish designer eyeglass frames.

Rose Gold

In 2016 and 2017, we saw an increase in the usage of rose gold. 

It would be silly to think it wouldn't make its way to the eyeglass world as well. 

Rose gold and rose colors, such as pink, red, and purple, are more popular choices this year. The colors are often muted enough that they don't conflict too much with the face. This means they can still be worn in a professional setting. 

However, don't be fooled -- these glasses also work well for a night on the town. The colors are especially fun when paired with thick black frames.


The next designer eyeglass frames you'll want to add to your wishlist are vintage-inspired.

Top designers told Vogue about their favorite glasses. One designer mentioned that the best glasses they had were the ones that came from her grandmother.

Other designers seem to be following the trend, because we've seen a large influx of these old styles coming back. 

You don't have to have to find your grandparent's old glasses to make this style work, although that is an option. Dior has some excellent frames that will add instant vintage class to any outfit.


Another color that has recently become popular is teal. These glasses are often more flirty and fun than the vintage and gold inspired frames.

However, that doesn't mean you should wear them any less. 

Teal is often used more of an accent piece in many of the glasses. This keeps the color from overwhelming the face. 

These glasses are great for those that want to have a fun pair of glasses for the weekend and events. 

Before, buying your very own pair, be sure to check that the color works well with your skin tone. Teal will accent poorly those that have more of a rouge coloring.


The last designer trend you are sure to start seeing are Aviator-inspired reading glasses.

This style started out as sunglasses but has now made the full transition in prescription glasses

These glasses give your outfit a sporty, confident look. They also offer a commanding vibe and as such should be worn with confidence.  

Find Your Perfect Designer Eyeglass Frames

If you are still thinking of your glasses as just a tool to helping you see, it's time to change your mindset. With hundreds of different styles to choose from, glasses should be an extension of your personality and style. 

We can offer you many of the designer eyeglass frames we've talked about today. View our selection of top designers now. 

Or, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to see what would be the best option for your vision. 

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