It is never too early to start caring about your eye health. By paying attention to your surroundings and implementing some easy, but important tricks, you can help prevent vision degeneration and other eye related issues that arise from improper eye care.

In today’s society, children are spending more and more time sitting in front of screens. This is leading to increased concern about potential harm to their visual development. Ophthalmologists - physicians who specialize in medical and surgical eye care - are seeing more cases related to digital technology use and significant increases in dry eyes and eye strain from those who have too much screen time. Especially those who do not take appropriate measures to give their eyes a break from constant screen concentration.

At least 36 Auburn University graduates were recently diagnosed with a rare eye condition called ocular melanoma. The cases, which are surprising eye doctors and researchers everywhere, have gained national media attention.

This real-life medical mystery brings up many concerns and questions about what the disease is and how it could affect someone, especially from those living in Auburn and the surrounding area.

However, it’s not just Auburn graduates that have been impacted by this disease. Researchers have found cases of ocular melanoma in 18 other patients living in Huntsville and North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte.