Most people know that using tanning beds have the potential to result in health issues, not only for your skin, but for your eyes. Here at Medial Eye Arts, we value good eye health and aim to keep you as informed as possible. Whether you need an eye exam, or just a pair of stylish glasses we have you covered. Here are some safety tips on how to avoid the dangers that can come from indoor tanning:

Night blindness, also known as nyctalopia, is the inability to see well at night or in dimly lit environments. Nyctalopia is not a disease, but a condition that can result in symptoms such as: blurry vision while driving at night, excessive squinting while in the dark, reduced contrast sensitivity and more.

According to UAB Medicine, about 80% of Americans use digital devices for more than two hours a day, and about 60% experience some type of digital eye strain. As people become more reliant on digital device usage, it is important to understand what effect this could be having on your eyesight.

Eye conditions, especially those that appear or have the potential to worsen later in life can be concerning. When a person's irises are different colors, whether partially or completely, they have heterochromia. People can be born with this condition or it can occur later in adult life.