Eye conditions, especially those that appear or have the potential to worsen later in life can be concerning. When a person's irises are different colors, whether partially or completely, they have heterochromia. People can be born with this condition or it can occur later in adult life.

Those with poor eyesight understand the difficult decision when trying to decide if glasses or contacts are the right fit for you. Not everyone can put contacts in, and not everyone wants to wear glasses for extended periods of time.

Here at Medical Arts Eye Clinic & Optical, we want to assist in finding the most comfortable corrective lens for you. Our professionals are dedicated to helping you along every step of your vision journey. Here are some pros and cons to consider when trying to decide if glasses or contacts are the right choice for you:

Our eyes are to be treated with the same care as we would treat the rest of our body. Regular eye exams are extremely important because our eyes change over time and could develop minor eye illnesses that could evolve into something worse. A comprehensive eye exam by your eye doctor is crucial to detect these diseases before it's too late.

The eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. They need to be treated like any other part of the body with regular checkups and routine care because there are many diseases that can affect your eyes’ health and in some cases, the ability to see. Glaucoma is one of these diseases, but the effects are much more discreet, often being called “the silent thief of sight”.