Seeing an ophthalmologist can help protect your vision and ensure that your eyes are in good health. Ophthalmologists learn to do it all in regard to eye care, offering thorough eye exams for prescriptions, medical treatment for many eye problems, and complex but delicate surgeries. Behind the scenes, ophthalmology physicians work to find a cure for eye diseases and vision problems by conducting scientific research.

As springtime approaches, the ever-changing fashion trends are gearing up for the sunny weather. Sunglass styles continue to evolve and become more unique as the seasons change. Fashion labels, designer frame sunglass brands, and fashion companies are keeping up with the latest trends, and we want to make sure you do, too! This variety of up-to-date sunglass styles can help you find your perfect pair and discover what lens or frame is right for you.

We always hear to eat your carrots and avoid reading in the dark to keep your eyes healthy. You might not have known that getting proper sleep is just as important for your vision. Read on to learn the effects of sleep deprivation and how you can adjust your habits to enhance the quality of your sleep and the health of your eyes.

A stye is an inflamed bump on your eyelid that could lead to light sensitivity, tearing, and tenderness of the eyelid. Discovering a stye can be an alarming experience but they are actually quite common. However, in serious cases, a stye can impair your vision and damage your eyes. It’s important to be informed on styes in case you find yourself with one. At Medical Arts Eye Clinic, we are here to give you all the information you need on the causes, remedies, and preventions of styes.