Many factors go into choosing the perfect pair of glasses. You want to find glasses that can withstand the demands of your everyday life, while still looking stylish. At Medical Arts Eye Clinic, we understand that you want to look and feel your best in your lenses. We have a variety of different frames and lenses for your style, ranging from designer to more affordable brands. Here are some key factors that will help you find the perfect pair of glasses!

Visiting the eye doctor is extremely important in one’s life. In fact, it is just as important as making a visit to the dentist or any other health routine checkups. Most people don’t visit the eye doctor until they feel as though their vision has changed or become worse. What they do not know is that apart from vision, the eye doctor can catch serious problems with one’s health before there are any symptoms. They can also help monitor child development to ensure they succeed in school, sports, and other activities. According to Education Week, over 80 percent of what children are expected to learn in and outside of the classroom requires good vision. In addition, nearly one in three children have not had their vision tested in the past two years, if at all.

Eye exams are an effective step to help promote good eye health. Regular check-ups are also a preventative measure, helping to detect any eye problems or irregularities ahead of time. Early detection is key with any eye problems and kickstarts the treatment process quicker. Scheduling a regular exam is an opportunity for your eye professionals to adapt and correct your vision for optimal function. People with diabetes, previous eye trauma, previous eye surgery or a family history of glaucoma, may need an eye exam more frequently, so be sure to consult your eye doctor.

You only have one set of eyes which is why it is imperative to look after them. Your eyes are a pivotal part of living as they allow specific tasks to be completed with ease and allow appreciation of many things through the gift of sight. These two organs - although very small - are extremely important to the human body, which is why everyone needs to strive to keep them healthy! Here at Medical Arts Eye Clinic and Optical, we want to make it easier for you to keep your eyes healthy by providing the 10 best nutrients to try and include in your diet in order to optimize eye health.